If you wish to help the Holy Monastery of the Ascension financially, you can do it by sending a bank check by post, by depositing money in a bank account, or by sending money through Western Union.


By bank check

If you wish to send money to the monastery by bank check, you have to issue it under the name:
     Achillios Gourgouliatos
and to send it to the address :
     Holy Monastery of the Ascension
     (Father Achillios)
     P. O. Box 876
     Jerusalem 91008, Israel


By bank transfer

If you wish to deposit money in the bank for the Monastery from Greece, there is a bank account in the National Bank of Greece :
      Account Number : 189 / 755 004-99
in the name of :
      Αchilefs – Αchillios Gουrgouliatos

If you wish to deposit money in the bank for the Monastery from any other country (except Greece), there is bank account in Israel :
      Account Number : 918 – 098151 / 92
      ΙΒΑΝ : IL 4601091 8000000 9815192
      SWIFT CODE : L U M I I L I T X X X

Should you be required to provide the name of the account holder, it is :
      Αchilefs – Αchillios Gουrgouliatos
      P. O. Box 876
      Jerusalem 91008, Israel
address of the bank :
      Bank Leumi Le Israel B M
      Branch - No. 918
      Ali Iben Abu Taleb Str. 3
      Jerusalem, Israel

If you wish to deposit money in the bank for the monastery from the USA, please get in touch with us either by email or by phone, so that we could send you the bank account details for the USA. We can also send receipts for tax purposes.


By Western Union

If you wish to send money for the Monastery by Western Union, you have to send it under the name :
      Achilefs - Achillios Gourgouliatos (Jerusalem, Israel).
We need the transfer code number, the name of the sender and the amount.


A reminder

For any amount of money which is sent to the monastery, it is best to inform us either by phone or by email. Also, we can accept lists of names, for the living and for the departed, for whom we shall pray (lists can also be sent either by post or by email).


Thank you,
Monk Achillios and the Sisterhood

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